Self presentation

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Here is a goblin for you mates! Could it be any more awkward?

Part of this Autumn tasks was to make a self-presentation video. This is actually a second one in two weeks, but this time in English. I hate being front of a camera, I hate speaking to camera, I hate my voice and yes I know how self critical this all sounds.

I hope you don’t hate it as much as I do xoxo


The unboxing!


One very happy customer sent me an unboxing video.

Her has son is called ‘Karhu’ (Bear), and she wanted to give him a Bear Lady as a gift. While she was struggling to open my compactly wrapped package, she had to fight against the urge to have it for herself. Maternal unselfishness won in the end 🙂

I was so happy to watch this video and it really made my day. I am so happy to see that one of my Bear Ladies was so welcome in her new home.

Bear Woman, Ungnyeo


Finally I have started building new ideas and sketches. This time my muse is Ungnyeo the “bear woman” from Korean folktale Dangun.

In the tale, a tiger and a bear (Ungnyeo) lived together in a cave and prayed to the divine king Hwanung to be made human. Hwanung heard their prayers and gave them 20 cloves of garlic, a bundle of mugwort and ordered them to stay out of the sunlight and eat only this food for 100 days. Due to hunger, the tiger left the cave after roughly 20 days, but the bear remained inside. After 21 days, she was transformed into a woman.

Ungnyeo was grateful and made offerings to Hwanung. Her lack of a husband drove her to depression, and she began to pray beneath a sacred betula tree to be blessed with a child. Hwanung heard her prayers and was deeply moved. He took Ungnyeo as his wife and soon after, she gave birth to a son, Dangun, who would go on to found the nation of Korea.

20150421_182847 20150421_183307 20150421_182929

Near the finish line


Getting closer to the finish line. I feel relieved and proud of my work.

In these images you can see my 10 weeks hard work. I am so relieved that all my pieces survived from the all the firings (must be cause of my amazing building skills 😉 ) and paintings/schemes/colors looks excellent. I still have to finish 7 pieces in less than three weeks. No pressure.

Most difficult part is to choose which ones to put in a Annual Waikato Potters show end of this week, and which pieces will I choose for Aberystwyth’s Ceramic Festival for next June!

Better images will be posted when I get a proper background for photo shots.

20141123_165928 20141123_165945 20141123_170020 20141123_165921 20141123_165909 20141123_165845 20141123_165824 20141123_165647 20141123_165625 20141123_16554920141123_165536