Kallen Kirppis- action for promotion!


‘The Re-vengeance’!

A custom painted poster for the coolest flea market owner and his sidekicks by Team Imp Affection (aka Lisa Svensk-Armstrong and Minttu Harju https://www.instagram.com/impaffection/ )

Customer wanted a promo poster for his second flea market opening: late 80’s action style movie poster, him posing with flamethrower and riding with rhino, loyal sidekicks by his side. We wanted to honor his dynamic vision the best we could, but at the same time keeping mind our own creativity and visual judgment call.

Since he is such a huge He-Man and amiibo collector, we add some of his favorites as his minions.

Except the bloody Skeletor….he got away, again. This time by helicopter! Always has to be one villain in every heroic tale…

This was such a fun project. Wishing to have plenty more of these! Place your orders 😀 I dare you!

Kallen Kirppis:  https://www.facebook.com/kallenkirppis/?fref=ts



Self presentation

Journey, Media channels and platforms

Here is a goblin for you mates! Could it be any more awkward?

Part of this Autumn tasks was to make a self-presentation video. This is actually a second one in two weeks, but this time in English. I hate being front of a camera, I hate speaking to camera, I hate my voice and yes I know how self critical this all sounds.

I hope you don’t hate it as much as I do xoxo