The storyteller


I had a pleasure to meet Michael O’Donnell of Tarariki Pottery. For his own words he is a clay worker, but he is known as an artist, environmentalist, storyteller and catalyst. In his own unique way he has learned to walk the path of the old peoples of New Zealand and Ireland.

He is one of those rare characters able to move from the world of nature and primordial language of ecology, to be in the classroom for children, university students, concert rooms or galleries where his exhibitions tell story from the ordinary (to the extraordinary).

Some know Michael as the ‘Waterman’. He has carried his clay water jars containing the waters of life to numerous parts of the world. He most recently appeared in the film documentary ‘The Water Whisperers’.

20141209_122805In this picture I am standing right next to his sculpture series ‘Guardians’. Aren’t they wonderful! Michael explains that these were “in response to an overwhelming sadness that we weren’t listening to what the land, sky and water were saying!”