Near the finish line


Getting closer to the finish line. I feel relieved and proud of my work.

In these images you can see my 10 weeks hard work. I am so relieved that all my pieces survived from the all the firings (must be cause of my amazing building skills 😉 ) and paintings/schemes/colors looks excellent. I still have to finish 7 pieces in less than three weeks. No pressure.

Most difficult part is to choose which ones to put in a Annual Waikato Potters show end of this week, and which pieces will I choose for Aberystwyth’s Ceramic Festival for next June!

Better images will be posted when I get a proper background for photo shots.

20141123_165928 20141123_165945 20141123_170020 20141123_165921 20141123_165909 20141123_165845 20141123_165824 20141123_165647 20141123_165625 20141123_16554920141123_165536


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