Open Day !


20141118_14251215th November: An Open Day at the Waikato Society of Potters

On Saturday, we had an open day, when the studio was open for everyone. The idea is to collect money for the community and support workshop’s activities. We had multiple events this day such as a lottery, raku firing, demonstration on a potter’s wheel,  and other family friend activities 🙂

This yearly ‘Open Day’-  festival is a great way to gain visibility as well as raising money for the maintenance

I promised to do assisting on a potter’s wheel which was mostly guiding the children (and some adults too) in throwing.

20141115_130319Waikato Potter’s workshop!
20141115_130327Table for glazing ceramic pieces for Raku firing.
20141115_130342 Our talented Fenella gave demonstrations on a wheel. 20141115_130405 Kids learning throwing. 20141115_130436‘Lucky Dip’ get an early Christmas gift. 20141115_130500‘Slippery dip’ find a token and get a surprise winning.


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