Say hello to my little kiwi spirits.


Here are some sculptures which I made during my 3 months art residency at Waikaton Potters, New Zealand. Find more images and information at


Near the finish line


Getting closer to the finish line. I feel relieved and proud of my work.

In these images you can see my 10 weeks hard work. I am so relieved that all my pieces survived from the all the firings (must be cause of my amazing building skills 😉 ) and paintings/schemes/colors looks excellent. I still have to finish 7 pieces in less than three weeks. No pressure.

Most difficult part is to choose which ones to put in a Annual Waikato Potters show end of this week, and which pieces will I choose for Aberystwyth’s Ceramic Festival for next June!

Better images will be posted when I get a proper background for photo shots.

20141123_165928 20141123_165945 20141123_170020 20141123_165921 20141123_165909 20141123_165845 20141123_165824 20141123_165647 20141123_165625 20141123_16554920141123_165536

Year 2014 meets late 1920’s


In my ceramic decorations I have used watercolors for clay. In this project I’ve combined these colorants (stains) from late 1920’s Stoke On Trent’s old ceramic factory with present stains from old time favorite Potclays.

Some of the old stains worked like a charm, but others not so well. I picked the workable ones, and decided to use them. Now I will have some interesting historical aspect to add for my ceramic work.

20141119_170346 I love these  paper packages! They are so wicked! Looks so elegant with old fashion calligraphy. 20141119_170511When past meets present.