Test tiles


Here are my new color palette’s test results. Not happy at all for the earthenware temperature tests, but stoneware colors are brilliant! They the lovely translucency what water colors have. Might have to make some difficult compromises, because the higher I firer my ceramic pieces, the bigger risks there might be with  twisting/cracking or some other unpleasant surprises if I have not built my work well.


 Stoneware/mid range 1220 °C – Used my own stains20141021_172923 These are the vintage colors from 1926’s. The Reds and yellows have turned brownish or burned away in 1220 °C. However the all the blues are amazing.

?Mystery blue? turned out to be green after all. Slight disappointment (a tile on a right side, second last line )

Earthenware 1060-1080  °C – Used own stains. The colors are not bright, and they look a bit dirty. 20141021_172841 Vintage stains from 1926’s after earthenware firing 1060-1080 °C. All the reds still turned brown or burned away, and all the colors looks that they have not meted well. Except brown one looks quite great for my opinion. 20141021_172750


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