Waikato, New Zealand


So, I have finally arrived to New Zealand, Aotearoa. “The land of the long white cloud” ( they say). I arrived already on 18th September, but I had catching up to do with my jet lag. After couple of days rest I’ve got a normal day routine and ready to work!2014-09-19 22.46.07Hamilton lake, New Zealand.

If some one wonders what am I doing in New Zealand, I came here to do my ceramic art. Over year ago I won Emerging Makers 2014 competition at ICF (International Ceramic Festival at Aberystwyth) and my price is to have 3 months artist residency at Waikato Society of Potters workshop.


Studying for my Masters in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire allowed me to further develop my personal creativity and skills as a ceramic artist. My previous artwork was a starting point for extending my exploration of other folk stories from around the world.

My intention is to develop new forms and decorative folk painting, inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture. New Zealand has a wonderful rich heritage of mythical folk tales. The Maori legends, Gods, body art, war dances and belief in the sanctity of the natural have captured my imagination.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to develop a deep appreciation of a folk culture so completely different to any I have experienced previously, which in turn will inform a new direction within my work and extend my development as a professional ceramic artist.

20140920_154932Lake Rotoroa, Hamilton. 


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