Papatuanuku, Mother Earth




ICF Emerging makers stage (29.6.2013)


The Emerging Makers Competition began in 2011. Six makers will be selected to make presentations at the festival. The content of these presentations will focus on their current work and how this might develop during an international visiting artist scheme.

A visiting artist award will be given to the winners of the New and Emerging Makers Competition as voted for by the festival audience. The Archie Bray Foundation Visiting Artist Award will be awarded to a Welsh based maker. The Waikato Society of Potters Visiting Artist Award will be awarded to a UK based maker.

This years awarded ceramic artists are Tina Neals from Wales and Lisa Svensk from UK.

Earth&Fire ceramic fair 21.-23.6 Rufford


My very first time at the Rufford’s Earth&Fire ceramic fair selling my decorative ceramic. I shared a stall with a talented Rachel Grimshaw as we both were on ‘one-year-potter’ stall. We had a quite contrast between our work. However this meant that we did not have much of a competition, cause of our different styles.

My ceramic art got a lot of good feedback and put a smiley on children’s faces. Usually children are told not to touch any fragile art, but me in the other hand tried to courage children to wobble my pieces. This was quite a popular program number amongst children and parents.

I really enjoyed my experience at Rufford and over all I did well regards the cold and windy weather. Customers encouraging feedback kept me smiling. My different artwork cheered normal art lovers as well as gallerists and colleagues, and I hope everyone who supported me by buying one of my lovely pieces enjoys my art as much as I relish making them.

I want to thank everyone who participated this great event! It was such a pleasure. I am looking forward next year (if I only get accepted). But this time I might try to have whole stall for myself.